TOP 10 Software Development Companies in Vietnam 2023 


In a world of ever-evolving technology demands, organizations sometimes require the guidance and expertise that only experienced software development companies can provide. To help you find the right partner to assist with your objectives in 2023, here are some of Vietnam’s top providers offering excellent solutions for businesses large and small. 


Eastgate Software JSC 




With leading software development capabilities, Eastgate’s business approach is to create strategic partnerships with clients to help them achieve goals and objectives. The company adapts to clients’ topics and processes and finds a common language. At the same time, Eastgate can also provide input and suggest processes based on domain knowledge and technology trends. In this way, the company understands even complex problem situations and develops solutions together. 


Eastgate’s greatest asset is their team. The company is very proud of their competent, long-term employees and a friendly, cooperative working atmosphere. Further education and exchange of experience are also extremely important to Eastgate: the company finds this one of the most pivotal ways to create successful solutions. 


Accordingly, Eastgate always enjoys close cooperation with customers. In order to avoid tough coordination processes, the company’s priority is working out solutions in dialogue, which pays off in the successful realization of project goals. 


Recently, Eastgate Software have been recognized as a 2022 Clutch leader among Vietnam’s top B2B service providers. 


For further information about Eastgate Software: 

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FPT Software

FPT Software is a Vietnamese leader in IT solutions and digital transformation. With 54,000 employees across 28 countries and revenues of nearly US$1.6 billion, the company has provided services for over 1,000 customers around the world – including 85 Fortune Global 500 companies from multiple industries such as Aerospace & Aviation, Banking & Finance or Healthcare & Life Sciences. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like RPA (Robotic Process Automation), AI (Artificial Intelligence) or AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality), FPT continues to shape innovative business models that help organizations stay one step ahead in today’s ever-changing global environment. 


CMC Corp 

With more than two decades of experience, CMC Corporation is a renowned name in the ICT industry. As one of Vietnam’s largest corporations in this field, CMC has made its mark internationally by providing technology and solutions for Government, Education, Taxation & Treasury departments as well as enterprises from Insurance to Banking & Finance sectors among many others. Their impressive portfolio affirms their position at the top amongst local market competitors.


KMS Solutions 

KMS Solutions is one of the excellent enterprises in bringing the Digital Revolution to businesses across Asia-Pacific (APAC). As part of the KMS Group, their goal is not just transforming enterprises digitally, but also enabling clients in achieving maximum value from this transition. With robust Agile methodologies and resources of 1,600+ IT talents, they specialize in technology consulting, data analytics software development & quality assurance; all aimed at attaining engineering excellence with faster visibility results. Quality, Reliability, and Scalability are three core values that fuel them toward success. 


NashTech Vietnam 

In 2000, NashTech launched its first digital venture with two small offices in London and Hanoi. After partnering with a Vietnamese software provider for several years, they solidified their commitment to the industry by acquiring Silkroad Software in Ho Chi Minh City in 2007. From thereon out, the company was able lay down the foundation that allowed it to expand significantly over time. 



For a decade, Rikkeisoft has been revolutionizing the technology industry. By helping businesses modernize their processes and create lasting software solutions, they have enabled corporations to accelerate digital transformation in America, Europe & APAC regions alike. With dedication, teamwork and commitment as core values–and a shared learning attitude among developers & testers; product researchers & consultants–Rikkeisoft continues striving for excellence in order to provide customers with cost-effective projects that drive progress forward. 


TMA Solutions 

TMA Solutions is one of the industry leaders in software outsourcing, having been established over two decades ago. They boast a vast, strong team of 3,800 engineers who have consistently demonstrated the highest level of skill and expertise on many prestigious projects that span across numerous industries worldwide. Some of their recognitions can be mentioned as: Top 15 global companies with “Offshore Software Outsourcing Best Practices” (Aberdeen Group, 2002), Gold medal for Software Export and Top ICT Companies from HCMC Computer Associations (2004-2021). 



Being one of the top IT firms in Vietnam, Savvycom specializes in giving domestic and foreign enterprises consultancy services and software solutions for digital transformation in the areas of banking, healthcare, and retail. The company, which has its headquarters in Hanoi and three representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City, the United States, and Australia, aims to become a leading IT company in the ASEAN region and beyond by leveraging Vietnam’s engineering resources and empowering businesses all over the world with the help of technology. 


Orient Software

Orient Software is a software development company located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Established in 2005, through many years of experience and unwavering dedication to their craft, they strive to provide clients with the highest quality of services available; all while adhering strictly to fundamental principles such as ethics, collaboration, tenacity and responsibility along every step of the way. Their commitment for delivering professionalism shines through each project completed by them. 



SotaTek (State-of-the-Art-Technology) offers cutting-edge IT solutions and services, with a focus on digital transformation for business growth. With expert technology professionals and 7+ years of development experience including 500+ projects across the globe in multiple industries from Finance, Healthcare, Education to Media & Entertainment, they have established themselves as leaders within their field. They provide an extensive range of Software Development capabilities such as Web/App design, Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning support that are both effective and cost-efficient. Their talented consultants cover 25 nations around the world striving together towards achieving optimal outcomes for clients everywhere through technological advancements. 

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