Soccer Ball Tracking

Soccer Ball

    Soccer is a sport that dates back centuries and is enjoyed by billions around the world. With the rise of technology in sports, soccer ball tracking has become increasingly important in analyzing player performance and match statistics. By monitoring the movement and trajectory of the ball, coaches and analysts are able to gather data on player positioning, precision passing and shots on goal. This allows for a deeper understanding of team dynamics and individual players’ strengths and weaknesses. Not only does soccer ball tracking provide invaluable insights for making strategic decisions during games, but it also helps to enhance the overall quality of play. With accurate ball tracking, players and teams can fine-tune their skills and improve their performance on the pitch.

    About Our Client

    We are thrilled to introduce our esteemed client organization, a player in the entertainment industry based in the United States. Having had the privilege of working with them in the past year, we can attest to their commitment to innovation and excellence.


    Our collaboration was centered around building a sophisticated soccer ball tracking system that adjusted the way the game was analyzed and played. It was a thrilling experience, and we are proud to have contributed our expertise to their success. We look forward to future collaborations that will undoubtedly lead to even greater achievements.

    Business Need

    Eastgate Software was tasked with creating a proof of concept for our client organization, focusing on detecting and tracking the movement of the ball and all players across multiple cameras. The goal was to develop a visualization system that displayed the data in a 2D plane with a bird-eye view.


    To be more specific, in the world of sports, analyzing the movement of players on the field can make the difference between winning and losing. The task of calculating the speed of the ball, along with the player’s movements and their direction, can seem overwhelming, but it’s an essential part of analyzing gameplay. Besides, adding a heatmap to understand where the ball is most possessed, and the player’s location is also important for determining strategies and improving gameplay. This information can help the team understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie and how they can improve their play for the future. With the right calculations and analysis, a team can aim for success on the field. In general, all these mentioned requirements were requested by our client and Eastgate Software has fulfilled their demands with the excellent result.

    Our Approach & The Solution

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