Signal Performance Measures (SPM)


    The effective management of traffic flow plays a critical role in reducing congestion and accidents on our roads. However, without proper monitoring and evaluation systems, it can be challenging for traffic operators to assess the efficiency of their efforts.


    By utilizing a well-designed monitoring and evaluation system, operators can track the real-time performance of traffic control measures and make adjustments as needed. This not only enables them to better manage traffic flow, but it can also lead to improved response times for emergency services and increased safety for drivers and pedestrians. In today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to invest in efficient and reliable traffic control mechanisms, and a robust monitoring and evaluation system is key to achieving this goal.

    About Our Client

    Eastgate Software is proud to announce its collaboration with a big client company in the USA’s smart mobility industry. In 2021, the opportunity to work with this visionary enterprise had presented itself, and our team was more than excited to embark on this journey.


    As a technology-driven business, we understand the critical role digital solutions play in today’s world. Our expertise in software engineering, coupled with the client’s innovative mindset, led to a dynamic partnership, bringing new technologies and solutions to the smart mobility landscape. Together, we worked tirelessly to ensure effective project management, thorough testing, and successful product delivery. We look forward to continuing to work alongside such remarkable company, shaping the future of smart mobility technology.

    Business Need

    The client requires us to build the Signal Performance Measures (SPM) – an online monitoring and evaluation system for traffic operators. And importantly, this SPM has to contain these key features:


    + In today’s data-driven culture, enterprises require robust analytics capabilities to gain insights and make informed decisions. Therefore, it is essential to have advanced analytics features integrated into the software platform that allows users to analyze data and visualize it in meaningful ways. With customizable alarm rules, users can define thresholds and get notified instantly when they need to take action. Additionally, efficient data management ensures smooth operations, and automatic data transfers ensure the accuracy and reliability of information.


    + An alarm message feature that is displayed within the web interface or can be sent via email is also crucial. By utilizing these features, users will be able to track various alarms in real-time, ensuring effective management of their systems.


    + The success of any analytical platform is highly dependent on its ability to adapt to new processes and services seamlessly. To achieve this, a highly expandable architecture must be put in place. This would enable quick and easy addition of new analyses and services, without requiring a complete overhaul of the platform. It’s important to know that adaptability is key to ensure the platform remains relevant and valuable to users. Ultimately, a highly expandable platform will result in quicker analysis, more accurate results.

    Our Approach & The Solution

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