Pre-processing In OCR

Pre-processing In OCR

    Pre-processing is a crucial aspect of any OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system, as it enables the extraction of meaningful information from a scanned document. This process involves several steps, such as noise reduction, binarization, and skew correction, aimed at enhancing the image quality and removing any unwanted artefacts that may hinder the recognition process. In other words, pre-processing plays the role of preparing the data for OCR algorithms to accurately recognize and extract text information.


    In general, the success of OCR heavily relies on the precision and effectiveness of pre-processing, making it a crucial component of any OCR pipeline. Advanced pre-processing techniques such as layout analysis and character segmentation have shown promising results in improving OCR performance, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this technology.

    About Our Client

    In 2019, Eastgate Software had the opportunity to work with a Japanese client company in the fintech industry. It was an exciting venture to assist them in their project, which entailed utilizing innovative technology to advance their business operations. This particular company operates with a stringent attention to detail, making sure every aspect of their services is handled correctly, a valuable trait in the industry. It was gratifying to witness their passion for improving their services through the constant adaptation of cutting-edge techniques. We were thrilled to be a part of their journey in the ever-changing world of fintech.

    Business Need

    We have been tasked with developing two separate models that will assist in text classification and document rotation. Our first model will focus on differentiating between handwritten and printed text, a task that requires a high level of accuracy and precision. The second model will work to automatically rotate documents, making the process quicker and more efficient. Both of these models will require significant research and development in order to ensure that they meet the needs of our client. Our team was motivated and prepared to take on this important challenge, and successful results were expected to be delivered.

    Our Approach & The Solution

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