Eastgate’s Outing quarter 2 at Vietgangz Glamping Club – A Fun-filled Escape with Nature 

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Employees at Eastgate are never short of fun and engaging activities, thanks to the company’s commitment to creating a positive and healthy work environment. As part of the outings scheduled for the second quarter, Eastgate’s team embarked on an exciting adventure at Vietgangz Glamping Club, filled with hunting games and a relaxing camping experience. The survival game’s activities saw four teams competing, showcasing their blazing race and camaraderie. The finale saw Mr. Ha’s team clinch the top spot, leading to a camping experience that employees will never forget. 

Our activities  

Eastgate’s quarter 2 outing was filled with excitement, fun, and team-building. The group competed in a survival game, where four teams set out to contribute to the blazing race. It was a testament to the team’s ability to come together and identify each member’s strengths and weaknesses. The final results showed that Mr. Ha’s team combined their skills effectively, taking the lead in the race. Their victory was not only a testament to the team’s skills but the company’s culture of teamwork and dedication. This activity was not something we usually do in the office, but it was a great way to take a break from work while connecting.  

The team had a wonderful camping experience, where they could let their hair down in tranquil and peaceful lake scenery. It was a fantastic place to take some talks and step closer to others. The scenery was breathtaking and precisely what we needed to unwind and escape from our busy schedules. Fishing was an activity that everyone was looking forward to, and it didn’t disappoint. Fishing with colleagues was an experience that we don’t get every day.  

The entire outing experience was nothing but thrilling and adventurous, especially for individuals who have little experience with nature. Vietgangz Glamping Club’s vast premises highlighted picturesque sceneries, friendly locals, and serene, peaceful lakeside that gave an opportunity to interact with colleagues outside the office. The entire camping experience provided a much-needed break from the monotony of everyday work, offering much-needed mental rejuvenation. 

Our culture  

Eastgate’s outing was not just about having fun; the team also focused on work-life balance. We understand the importance of keeping a balance between work and personal life to achieve better productivity levels. This outing was a great opportunity to achieve this goal. Engaging in activities outside of work helps in maintaining a work-life balance and can boost morale. With reliable homies and engaging activities like Eastgate’s, every day becomes enjoyable. 

Eastgate’s quarter 2 outing was a tremendous success, filled with fun and team-building activities. The team had an incredible time at Vietgangz Glamping Club. Every activity was an opportunity to bond with colleagues and learn the value of teamwork. The idea of creating a positive work environment where employees feel connected and engaged is just one of many ways Eastgate aims to retain its staff. Eastgate’s outing at Vietgangz Glamping Club manifested the company’s desire to foster a positive work environment for its staff.  It is why Eastgate is a great place to work – we strive to achieve a work-life balance, have reliable homies and engage in activities that make everyday work enjoyable. Therefore, if you are looking for a company where you can work with reliable homies and still have fun, choose Eastgate! 

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