Eastgate Career #3: A Warm Welcome To Your First Month At EGS 

Starting at a new company can be thrilling, but it can also be nerve-wracking. This is why at Eastgate Software, we make sure to take care of our new hires every step of the way. We believe that every employee’s experience matters from the beginning, and that’s why we have specifically designed an onboarding course on EGS Moodle LMS that welcomes new members of our team and guides them through the first few weeks. In this post, we’ll give you an insight into what you can expect in your first month at Eastgate Software. 

Onboarding Course on EGS Moodle LMS: 

At Eastgate Software, we want our new hires to feel empowered and confident on their first day. This is why we have developed an onboarding course that provides our new hires with an overview of our organization, our culture, and everything they need to know to succeed in their new roles. With a mix of practical tips and fun interactive quizzes, the course is a fantastic way to dive into the world of EGS. 

Buddy Support: 

To make sure that our new hires receive the support they need, we assign a buddy to them during their first month. The buddy is usually someone from the same department and a member of People Operations Team and are there to answer questions, provide support, and be a friendly face that new hires can turn to. Our buddy system is a great way to ease the transition, and we’ve seen it work wonders for our new hires. 

30-day Check-In Questions: 

We believe that regular check-ins help new hires to stay on track and feel connected to their new colleagues. During the first month at EGS, new hires have a weekly check-in with their managers and a 30-day check-in questions to fill in on onboarding course. During the 30-day check-in, new hires will be asked a series of questions such as how they’re finding their new role, what they’ve enjoyed so far, and if they have any feedback. These questions help us ensure our new hires are settling in well and if there are any improvements that need to be made. 

Interesting Challenges to Carry Out with Your Colleagues: 

At Eastgate, we love a good challenge, especially when it involves getting to know your new colleagues. Every month we set an interesting challenge that all new hires teams must participate in, particularly the Orientation Program. These challenges range from taking a picture of your hanging out with your colleagues to writing down 3-5 keywords that your colleagues used to describe you. The challenges are always fun and are a great way to build rapport with new colleagues while also getting out of your comfort zone. 

At Eastgate, we’re committed to making sure that every new hire feels welcome, supported, and valued. We believe that when new hires feel comfortable, they’re more productive and can better contribute to the team. Our onboarding course, buddy support system, 30-day check-in questions, and engaging challenges are just a few examples of how we make sure our new hires feel at home from day one. If you’re looking for a workplace that values you and your experience from the beginning, find us at Eastgate Software. 

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