Eastgate Career #2: Traits we are looking for in our Talented Candidate  

At Eastgate, our employees are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in providing our customers with a world-class experience, and that means ensuring that our team members embody our values every day. In this blog post, we’ll explore the three employee traits that we look for when adding to our team: customer obsession, acting with integrity, and a growth mindset. We believe that these qualities are essential for our team to deliver on the Eastgate promise. 

1. Customer Obsession 

We believe that customer obsession is one of the most important attributes a team member can have. Simply put, customer obsession means putting the customer first in everything we do. This includes going above and beyond to ensure that our customers are satisfied, anticipating their needs before they arise, and actively seeking feedback to improve our service. At Eastgate, we believe that by putting our customers first, we build stronger relationships and achieve greater success. 

2. Acting with Integrity 

Integrity is another quality that we prioritize when hiring new team members. We believe in being honest and transparent with our customers, colleagues, and partners. This means acting with integrity in all of our business dealings, including treating others with respect, upholding our commitments, and always doing what we say we will do. We believe that by acting with integrity, we demonstrate respect for our customers and colleagues, which fosters trust and long-term relationships. 

3. Growth Mindset  

Finally, we believe that having a growth mindset is critical to success at Eastgate. A growth mindset means being open to new ideas, embracing challenges, and being willing to learn from failures. At Eastgate, we believe that by having a growth mindset, we can create a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and improvement. This means seeking out feedback, being open to constructive criticism, and being willing to take risks to achieve our goals. 

4. Putting it All Together  

As the leaders of the company, it’s our responsibility to cultivate these traits in our employees. We lead by example and set expectations for our team members to follow. We provide ongoing training and resources to support their professional development and encourage them to take ownership of their career growth. 

Quality Development: Delivering top-notch customer service requires employees who are continuously improving their skills and knowledge. We invest in our employees by providing them with opportunities for professional development and training. We also encourage them to take ownership of their development by seeking out feedback, setting goals, and measuring progress. 

 At Eastgate Software, we recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset. We look for candidates who possess the essential traits of customer obsession, acting with integrity, and growth mindset. By fostering a culture of customer obsession, integrity, and growth mindset, we can create an environment where our team members can thrive and achieve their full potential.  

We also prioritize leadership and quality development by offering ongoing training and resources to support our team members’ professional growth. By cultivating these traits, we believe that our employees will be well-equipped to exceed our customers’ expectations and drive our business success, and we can deliver on the Eastgate promise of exceptional service and support, building long-term relationships with our customers, colleagues, and partners.  

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