Caries Detection

Caries Detection

    Dental caries, also known as tooth decay, is a common oral health issue that affects millions of people worldwide. Detecting caries early on is crucial for effective treatment and prevention of further damage to the tooth structure. This is where artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the field of dentistry.


    With the advancements in technology, dental professionals can now use AI algorithms to detect caries at an early stage. The AI-based caries detection system uses machine learning algorithms to analyze dental images and provide accurate and reliable diagnoses of caries. This technology is paving the way for a new era of dental care, where preventive measures are taken at an early stage and patients can enjoy healthier, stronger teeth for longer.

    About Our Client

    We are pleased to introduce our esteemed client company based in the United Arab Emirates. Specializing in the healthcare industry, they have consistently provided valuable services to their clients and the local community. We are honored to have been entrusted with a project from this company in 2021, and we are proud to have successfully delivered it beyond expectations.


    At Eastgate Software, we always strive to build strong partnerships with our clients, and this has been no exception with our venture with this healthcare company. We look forward to future collaborations and continued success in our endeavors together.

    Business Need

    Eastgate Software was entrusted with a project from our client of building a model that could accurately detect caries regions on periapical radiograph images while classifying the severity of caries. This task was not really easy, considering the intricate details and complexities that radiograph images present. But our team of technical experts was up for the challenge. We put our heads together to create a model that relied on artificial intelligence, image processing, and machine learning techniques to detect and classify caries regions accurately. The result was an intuitive and efficient model that eliminates the need for experts to manually scan radiograph images, ultimately saving our client’s time, money, and resources.

    Our Approach & The Solution

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