Baggage Handling System

baggage handling system

    Have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage when you check it in at the airport? Well, the answer lies in the intricate system known as baggage handling. The process involves your checked-in bag being transported through a maze of conveyor belts and sorting machines by an automated tracking system. Depending on the airport’s size, there can be hundreds or even thousands of bags moving through this system at any given time. Once your suitcase lands at your destination, it is routed to the appropriate baggage carousel for pickup. While it may seem like a daunting procedure, the baggage handling system helps ensure that your luggage arrives safely and efficiently to your final destination.

    About Our Client

    In 2021, Eastgate Software had the privilege of working with a prominent Singaporean company operating in the logistics industry. Our team was entrusted to collaborate with the client company on their latest project, “Baggage Handling System.” Our expertise and experience in software development proved to be invaluable in this undertaking, which required comprehensive knowledge of logistics operations and efficient handling of luggage. As a team, we were dedicated to ensuring the smooth delivery of this project, and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with such a prestigious company.

    Business Need

    The Baggage Handling System project, also known as BagOS, is an undertaking that has been underway for some time (since 2021) and is steadily being implemented at numerous international airports.


    One of the primary objectives of this project is to create a versatile solution that can be deployed at various airports of different sizes while still utilizing the same underlying hardware of Siemens logistics. This includes the use of a conveyor belt, tray management system, full automation from check-in to boarding, and vice versa. With such an approach, airlines can benefit from a standardized and streamlined baggage handling system across multiple airports, improving efficiency and ultimately enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers.

    Our Approach & The Solution

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