HUG is a transport connection mobile app, which connects users & drivers for moving purposes. This focuses on B2B market, and is distributed internally in each company account. Users now can book car within seconds or schedule car ahead for weeks & months. With flask booking feature, real-time location tracking & chatting, communication barriers between drivers & especially foreign users is now removed, and waiting time is no longer a concern. With smart scheduling suggestion system, companies can utilize car usage while keep control over your budget. It also has a website for administration to manage car operation usage & report.

Technical Used: 
– Mobile App: Android – Java, iOS – Swift, FireBase Real-time Database + Cloud Functions + Messaging, Android Room Database/ iOS Realm Database, Restful API
– Web Front-end: JavaScript: React.JS, Redux, Socket.IO
– Backend – PHP/Laravel 5.6 with real-time server: Firebase & Node.JS 8 (chat and location)